I am dedicating this daily prompt to my husband.  He is not a words person and his idea of communicating is usually a serious of grunts and mixed jibberish but I love him….and the way we communicate without words.  He has amazing eyes, an understanding heart, and arms that will comfort me forever.

It was also inspired by a song my beautiful friend Zach shared with me. Zach lovingly makes me playlists of artists to listen to since we share a love for the same music.  He is a violinist and music is a part of his lovely spirit.  I love him….and he introduced me to Ingrid Michaelson and the song Turn To Stone.  Here is a poem I wrote using my favorite line in this song.

Our breath, our hearts, our lives

Weave a complicated pattern

Stringing bits of meticulous pieces

Like a ball of yarn that can’t be undone

When conversations grow quiet

As if on a breeze that never dies

The trees take the place of our voices

In a sing song melody

When we begin to shut our weary eyes

As if the sun is leaving a trail for starlight

The moon reads our souls

In reflections that need no sight

When we lie down to rest

As if practicing for our eternal rest

Our hands and bodies hold tight

With hearts too big to fit our beds

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