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Daily Prompt: Morton’s Fork

by michelle w. on December 5, 2012

If you had to choose between being able to write a blog (but not read others’) and being able to read others’ blogs (but not write your own), which would you pick? Why?

Unfortunately the answer to this one is easy!  I have to blog.  I am selfish that way.  I first started it as therapy.  I thought to myself that nobody will read it but I will try.  Low and behold a few people do and it started helping.  I started feeling less alone.   I have made new friends, friends I have come to care about very much.  It might be overkill to say this blogging experience saved my life…but it has changed it for the better.  I love reading other blogs but getting my emotions down and shared…well…like I said I am selfish with this.

When I look at my blog the things I have written, many times, I don’t even remember writing them.  I see sunshine amongst all the darkness and I realize I am more…capable of more than the depression that sometimes consumes me.  I dream of a day my blog is full of so much sun it blinds everyone to the darkness!

It is a tug of war

These feelings

Like oil


In boiling water

First I trust you

Then I can’t

You are there


But the next

You are sitting

Staring at your


With sharpened

Scissors in your hand

It comes and goes

Sneaky sometimes

Obnoxious the next

But the feelings

I just have to learn

They are a part of me

A part…not all

Not the best part

Not the biggest part

Just a part…that’s all

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13 thoughts on “TAKING CONTROL

  1. wonderful.. how you have a poem for every post amazes me. while i’m selfish ;ike that too, your blog is certainly among a few others that i’d definitely read ^^ keep bloggin’ ^^


  2. OOOooo happy to have spilled into your blog, and Loved this post!! I do not view it as selfish at all, rather healthy! Oh I am excited about keeping up and delving into more of your posts here.

    My answer to the question I must say is the latter. I would still be able to blog by becoming a part of someone else’s entry via comments ;) I can be a very rambly commenter (thank goodness I stopped myself here, I felt a long rambly one coming on here and thwarted it!). Luckily for me, I know some very inviting and forgiving bloggers har har ;)

    Beautiful post! Well done!! Ebullient cheers,

    Autumn Jade


  3. P.S. I am so glad you have found it so edifying and beneficial to your life, so have I; blogging really is such a superb form of therapy, of self-discovery, of reaching out, community, learning, discovering, sharing- it’s a wonderful world- and I am so glad we can do both! (no more babbling, it ends here, I assure you)


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  6. Yes. Call me selfish, but I too would rather write than read. Because after reading so many awesome bloggers, having an tremendous urge to write something that continuously meanders in my mind is pretty obvious. And taming that urge would be so cruel :)

    So I would rather write.

    Also So many thanks for linking my blog post here :)
    It’s an honor :) Thank you very much…


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