I read the Daily Prompt today and I laughed. I immediately thought of finding a piece of paper that said GOODBYE! A simple goodbye would go a long way in healing wounds that occur from someone simply disappearing. When you don’t say goodbye the silence screams, “YOU ARE NOT WORTH THAT ONE SIMPLE WORD”. There are lots of reasons to take a break from someone but there is no excuse for simply disappearing. Well unless you have a stalker and you fear for your life then I think it is probably ok….cause….scary.

I can’t imagine this happens in real life. People don’t just hang out with you, care about you, love you and just disappear. Do they?? OF COURSE THEY DO! It happens all the time. Think back to all those people who just kind of left without an explanation. I think everyone is probably guilty of it but it hurts when it happens whether the person it happens to admits it or not. Shame on you, on me, for being this socially careless.

I had a friend once say, “That is their prerogative”. Never had truer words been said. Well maybe lots of truer things have been said but, in that moment, it was the hard truth. But here is what I don’t get… why? I have a few ideas why but those don’t really matter. I did, however, discover a few things recently as I contemplated this subject!

A truth: I share too much and I need to learn who can handle it and who can’t. I should change this about myself…or I guess I should just get used to people treating me like a monster and running away screaming without goodbye! BOO!

Another truth: people have a hard time stepping into other peoples shoes…no matter how much they themselves get judged they will in turn judge others just as harshly once their values are stepped on. If this happens goodbye is the most respectful answer.

This poem is a bit sarcastic…it was too hard to be serious because…well…it just was…take my word for it…because you don’t have any other choice than to believe me….cause…I’m the Author    And if you see your name on here…it’s probably not you…get over yourself :)


I love you but you suck

I’m sorry for this, truly

But you’re too toxic

And not worth my time

I hate seeing you hurt

Because it hurts me too

So here, let me disappear

It will be better this way

For me more than you

But life is brutal, it’s true

Thanks for the memories

For the moments of love

Thanks for the sacrifice

Of your precious time

I’ll never forget you

Just remember I love you




26 thoughts on “I LOVE YOU…YOU SUCK

  1. If “sharing too much” is who you are, you are being true to yourself when you continue to do so. It’s one thing to slowly open yourself up to new people and another to stop being yourself so that people won’t leave you. I would rather have a couple of close friends (which is about what I have) then a lot of “fake” ones. But then, I’m an introvert. And people you care about just disappearing does suck.


  2. If they disappear, I think it’s not that you suck, it’s that they do. They can’t cope, are only in it for what they get, not what they give back. I agree with Dan above, who has time to waste on fakes? On people who won’t be there when you really need them. We all have tough times, and our true friends are the ones who don’t disappear. It does hurt a lot, though. It sucks.


  3. I don’t get the disappearing thing either. I think people who do that are complete cowards. I knew a guy who told his wife he was going out for cigarettes and never came back. How could you do that knowing she’s going to worry you’re dead in a ditch somewhere?

    However, if it wasn’t serious – like after 2-3 dates, that’s not as big a deal. I kind of did that to someone who was extremely clingy because every time I tried to break it off, he argued with me about why it wasn’t working. And we’d only been going out for 2 weeks., He ended up stalking me after I stopped returning his calls, but he KNEW that I’d met someone else. I was very honest in that respect.

    On the flip side. I got dumped via email (1st and only break-up via email) for a younger woman – 2 hours before THE WEEKEND. You know, when I assumed we’d be shacking up for the first time. And I’d just gotten back from driving 200 miles to drop my boys off at my mother’s in order to go away with this guy. However, though he was a JACK ASS, at least he was honest and didn’t leave me hanging! And, LOL, he called me 6 months later wanting another chance, but it was too late. I’d already met Charlie, my husband of 13 years. So, Karma bit him in the ass, but again, at least he didn’t disappear.

    Anywho…LOVE the poem and the post. Perhaps, after reading this, someone will think TWICE about walking away without a word.


    • I’ve really been reflecting on this a lot lol. Goodbye I hate you is better than just completely ignoring you. It really is very very weird and in my case it isn’t boyfriends. You didn’t disappear you tried to say goodbye lol.


  4. I have to say, I’m guilty of just disappearing on people. I don’t like confrontation and when I’m fed up, I’m fed up. But you’re absolutely right it’s not fair to walk away without even saying goodbye, or even just saying why. I’m sure it had a lot to do with insecurities about being left first, so I just end whatever it is without a word. Still it isn’t and wasn’t right. No excuses.

    We can only be who we are, the minute someone tries to change that is the minute we should wake up and say, “This is me, if you don’t like it, well it’s been real, but the door is over there.” The notion of being alone shouldn’t have any bearings on our personality. However, it truly does.


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  6. You are so right. That feeling of being left hanging is awful. Saying goodbye is hard but recently did, mainly for myself but maybe also for the other person. It helps if you really mean it though.


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