Tick, tick, tick, tick The ticking has teeth Biting, gnawing, jagged Razor sharp clicks Piercing rationality Tick, tick, tick, tick Silk strands of insanity Weave discourse Into complex patterns Warping sound reason Tick, tick, tick, tick Logic sits positioned On a hairline trigger Adrenaline unloads Clouding all clarity Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick An emotional time…



Bright white Flashes of light Gathered into Cascading sparks Flowing like heat Over sharp edges Where curves Once guided The life pumping Through my veins Worn crevices Where anger And pain Corroded And marked Once smooth Boundaries With acid stain Leaving me Filled with lava Unpredictable Flashing embers Instead of The soft glow Of morning…



We can’t see past the reflections Written and created by producers Selling lies from their silver screens Projecting fear and disharmony Turning lives into hollow screams They follow her and pick at her They antagonize her and berate her They feed her lines to use as hers Then they tell her she is brilliant And…


NO GOOD by J.C. Hannigan

If you haven’t heard of J.C. Hannigan you are in for a huge treat because she is someone I adore.  I met her along with several other wonderful people when I joined Stigma Fighters.  She was born with a chronic pain bone disorder called Multiple Hereditary Exostoses and I imagine writing was not only a…



Crowding the dark Demons watched While their bony Fingers walk steps Up my rigid spine His footsteps faded Outside my door Where right before He was standing For just a moment Listening for breath Before satisfied I was indeed Dead