Many years ago I embarked on an excursion.  I didn’t understand it at the time because I was much too young to remember it but that is where it starts for everyone. We are born into a journey.  Many of us start out with someone showing us how to navigate the road set before us, teaching us how to turn, how to avoid obstacles, how to slow down and enjoy the sights, and when to speed up so as not to stall.  Hopefully you get stranded a few times so you can learn how to get back on the road.  I was fortunate to have amazing parents who kept me from getting run over.  Others of us are left with this journey to examine and figure out on their own.  Nonetheless, we all are born with our very own road to travel.

Our road is a reflection of our experiences, sometimes it is paved with clearly marked signs, sometimes just gravel with a plethora of weeds, and sometimes no more than an overgrown path that is barely recognizable. Though much of my route is slightly beaten up with a few potholes and maybe a few puddles where the sun can reflect its beauty it is the overgrown pathways that define me the best.

You see it is the overgrown passages where I walk alone with my thoughts, I think, I ponder, I dream and hope. This passage is where I stumbled upon my greatest treasures, my dearest friendships, my fondest loves, my lasting memories.  They lead me to some very serious decisions about love and family.  Sometimes these paths lead into dark and scary caverns….open sun filled meadows….edges of a cliff…across dry desserts…through meandering streams.

If this road was on a map it would mark the journey of our life.  We may have started the journey alone or amongst family but the adventure is ours.  Life is a journey, take charge of it, define it, and share it.

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” Ernest Hemingway



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