Today I probably won’t make much sense but sticking to the whole reason I started this blog I am just going to put it out there. This post is about my tendency to think too much.  I owe a new friend for these revelations about myself because it was my conversation about my love for science that sparked this introspection.

I loved science as a kid and I still do. I wanted to be a medical examiner long before all the cool CSI shows came out. I am in love with Dr. Michael Boden a prominent forensic pathologist. I have spent some time over analyzing my question; why it is I am always thinking? The answer has to do with the very basic nature of science itself. It all starts with a question. I have a passion for questions and an insatiable quest for getting answers, I need a conclusion.

I am fairly sure my brain must be hard wired with the scientific method. It always starts with a question. What did you mean by that comment? Why did you do that? What makes you think that? Then my brain starts observing, defining, measuring….replaying past experiences to gather information. I collect information by interviewing my subject, making observations about their behavior and considering their comments. It isn’t long before I start forming my hypothetical explanations. Example:They made that comment because according to their eyes and physical body language they were annoyed. Then predictions are made and tested and behaviors are ultimately learned.

It is an exhausting process especially in relation to social science. Human emotion is harder to understand, measure, predict, and control than physical elements. I often fail in every aspect relating to the scientific method when it comes to social interaction.

I am a details girl and I forget people don’t always provide all the necessary information to accurately form an unbiased observation. Furthermore, I have an incessant need to finish a conversation or a disagreement which I believe stems from the need to find a conclusion, a workable resolution. For both parties to understand the problem, state all the facts, and come to a final agreement as to what happened, why it happened and how to avoid the problem in the future.

That is too simple though. We evolve, we change, and situational analysis is usually only good for that particular instance. We learn from them but they have a long way to go in predicting end behaviors.



  1. I think that what you are really looking for is balance. The thinking rational and scientific mind v the emotions and the intuitive mind. Baby steps. Remember your mind is beautiful.


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