I awake thinking of you everyday

Your constant access, your strong presence

Sometimes I try to deprive myself of you

But in the end you always make me buckle

I am fairly certain I am addicted to you

I can’t think straight without your strength

I am sure you sit completely secure

In the power you hold over me

Through all my emotions you sit patiently

Waiting… waiting… waiting… for the opportunity

To once again make my heart race

To wake me up, to help me function

Sometimes we like to enjoy the company of another

Sweet, smooth, adding a whole other layer of enjoyment

I hate to divulge in this relationship too often

Worried I could become addicted to more than just you

But in the end you are the one I can’t do without

Without out you the other would have no appeal

So go ahead, sit there all smug and cocky in my mug

So conceited, so arrogant, so self-important

Knowing nothing will ever break my love for you!


12 thoughts on “A CAFFEINATED AFFAIR

  1. I’m afraid both of us are having an affair with the same…ummm….thing! 😀 Loved your lines. Exactly what I think, too. 🙂


  2. Love it!
    Don’t know if you got to read this ode to our shared love affair: Caffeinati
    ~Regards, Dan
    PS – I keep bombing your pieces with links to mine, I hope that’s ok, you just seem to remind me of me. 😉


  3. That’s it! I’m throwing the bum out! This beau of mine has been cheating on me for far too long. I thought he was the love of MY life…apparently not! 🙂
    This is brilliant and so very, very true!


  4. Ohhh! What’s not to love, nickjay? I am even now enjoying a cuppa–but the poem. Wow. What a fun and surprising piece, even knowing the title, it took me unawares. Very clever, you hasty girl, and now for the 2nd cuppa–clear the cobwebs! 🙂


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