I am great

Except when I am not

I am strong

When I’m tired of being weak

I am brave

With a measure of fear

I am logical

Unless it’s irrational

I am conceited

But mostly insecure

I am mindful

Of my obliviousness

I am everything

Bordering on nothing

I am alone

Surrounded by the world



  1. if there is nothing to begin with then are all we are is nothingness, no matter, no substance, no being, it all began with nothing and yet we all became something, far more greater than the sum of nothing, we are something, life, love, happiness, fear, hatred, liars, we all go on from nothing to something, could it be that moments in time define us make us who and what we are, to become something more than nothing

    really i dont think i like this, but i am leaving it because it came to and from the point, nothing is the contradiction. oh and i really love the new background but we only see one eye at a time, was this on purpose??


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