As a parent I worry about raising a daughter with a healthy self-esteem.  I believe the greatest tragedy in life lies in dying without realizing our worth.  I have thought about what I would like to say to my daughter on the subject and jotted the following down.  They are also ideas I try to tell myself.  How can I ever hope to raise a self-confident daughter when I myself struggle?

You will hear things like

You are not pretty enough

You are not smart enough

You are not good enough

You will listen to these things

You will analyze these things

You will wonder if it is true

The first step to happiness is to understand

That we are all born with enough

Protect your self-esteem

For it is your currency of worth

Mine your self-confidence

Like hidden diamonds waiting to be brilliant

Like a star in the night sky

Shine the light you are given

When the world whispers in your ear

Stories of doubt, unimportance, or insignificance

Wield the power gifted to you in your first breath

The power not just of self-preservation

But the power to love: yourself and others

The power to grow a community of self-respect

To create kindness by nurturing a society’s self-worth

It only takes one self-assured soul

To ignite flames long ago extinguished

In our fellow kindred spirits


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