Silent screams echoing in the corridor

Solitudenal despair ringing clear

Lingering like a doomsday cloud

In the dark caves of my soul

Dissolving any light that comes near

Frightened weeping can be heard

Clambering noisily from a distance

Culminating into a thick shroud of fear

Gaining solidarity from the gloom

Growing an army of vile treacherous regret

Shame giving life to an angry beast

Feeding on scrapes but ready for a feast

Secrets minions ready to take flight

To devour honesty and feed paranoia

Knowledge possessed by demons

And afraid of the light of day

Plotting patiently in the musty hiding place

Building a Trojan horse to gain access

To the heart that beats mightily for all that is good

An enemy to the darkness that is within my soul

My heart beating behind the scenes preparing

To consume that which seeks to bind me



***Yep, I am totally aware I made up a word!


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