Save yourself the embarrassment

The things you do, the things you say

Have only ever led to disappointment

Nothing ever works out your way


See their looks?  They disapprove

Those whispers are all about you

You have so much you need to improve

Before you even attempt anything new


Are you trying to ignore me?

My advice is sound, it’s honest

Listen to me when I tell you to flee

I am your only devoted accomplice


You know you’re addicted

To my adrenaline nature

Without me you are just a victim

I keep you safe and warn you of danger


What do you mean you’re leaving me?

That I inhibit your clarity?

I am only thinking of you, can’t you see?

Trust me you don’t need therapy


I keep overstepping my bounds?

You have lost confidence in me?

Fine, you’ve made up your mind it sounds

Don’t come running when you fail miserably



  1. Fear as addiction is so telling. It speaks to the ‘weakness’ we claim as a soft lie that covers that addiction. Thanks for displaying this piece of your heart. It is always wonderful to witness the rise out of self delusion.


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