She sat swinging her newly painted toes over the edge of the tailgate.  The truck was baby shit yellow, roughed up from one to many fender benders, and had a burn mark on the hood from an engine fire it had endured in its past.  But it was hers until she could afford a car of her own.  She had come to love this pickup truck. It had become part of her personality.  It had made her feel strong and important; well, except for the time when the muffler fell off as she left school.

She sat admiring her creamy light purple toes.  It was beautiful out especially since a boy she liked was skulking around.  She picked up a banana she brought with her and had just taken a big bite when the boy noticed her and started walking over.  She wasn’t sure what she liked about him, probably just that he was a boy.  He was a year older and her parents didn’t really care for him, he was a trouble maker.  Maybe that was what she liked.

“So hey” he said.  She smiled politely since her mouth was full of banana.  “Are you painting your toes? It’s kind of a weird color.”  She shrugged taking another bite of her banana.  “You have fat toes.” She covers her mouth, “wow, thanks!”  Then out of nowhere, in front of this boy she liked, she sneezed.  The banana that was in her mouth was now covering her palms.  It’s surprising how much banana looks like snot once it is chewed up.  She/I really can’t remember how the rest of the conversation went…….


12 thoughts on “WHY I DON’T EAT BANANAS

  1. Who wouldn’t admire “creamy light purple toes”? We need a picture lol.

    In all seriousness, I’ve perused your other work and I must admit the eloquence and candor in which your write is striking. You are certainly a braver person than I. Do you find it cathartic?


    • Wow thank you. Does it heal me to write? I think in many ways it does. But I am not sure it is just the writing that is cathartic or the sharing. I’ve always written but often felt I would be laughed at. I had a friend I shared with but it seems less burdensome to write to those who want to read without feeling pressure to do so. You made me think with this one.


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