So I thought I would do something a bit different.  I hope you accept this challenge and then comment below or write a blog about your experience and link it back to me! Don’t hurt yourself!!!!!

Blog Challenge #1

Rubber Band Challenge



  1. I shot a rubber band at my son. Hit him in the butt.
    He shot one back. Missed.
    Wife said “stop it before someone loses an eye.”
    End of rubber band fight.

    Think anyone has ever lost an eye in a rubber band fight?


  2. When I was a kid me and a few friends partook in a rubber band and lego war… basically we shot lego pieces at each other using rubber bands… no one lost an eye but I did get hit just above my left eye, to this day I have a tidy little scar that is thankfully hidden in my eyebrow… aaahhhh the foolishness of youth… 🙂


    • haha it’s actually more fun to listen to the giggles and people running than actually hitting anyone. And yes all the guys I know have giggled. I hope it was fun though!


  3. LOL…. I shot the rubber band at my cat, missed, and she ran off and hid the rubber band. She does that with my hair thingys too… You know, the stretchy things for pony tails. 😀


  4. Nice! I got rubber bands, and shot them at the kids. They shot them back. We had tons of rubber bands all over the place, and I was losing horribly. Then I got an idea. They shot all their rubber bands at me and instead of shooting them back, I kept them.Then I got some paper and started shooting that at them. That was the tipping point. I won by default.


  5. My dear and beautiful Hastywords with the deep aqua/blue eyes (Oh crap, forgot what I was supposed to comment about) – – – Oh yes – – – here are my thoughts as
    I listened to the Spinners and their lyrics. That is all fine and well. It cleared up my earlier thoughts about the ambiguity of “The Rubberband Man.” This ambiguity resulted from my not being able to seperate The Rubbber Band Man from the Rubbberband Man. I knew not which one to mentalize. So sets my problem.
    So to solve the problem I found the biggest baddest rubber band I could find. (Had to go to the nearest asylum to find one) Then I tried it between my toes. Nothing! Tried it between my knees. Again nothing! Tried it between my ears and had an epiphany (except my nose got twanged a few times). I found that if I kept a straight face the key was an A minor. However, if I stuck out my tongue I could get an A# minor with overtones in the harmonic area. But the utmost discovery was that if I blinked at a rapid pace the rubber band sounded just like I was blowing a harp (harmonica) in half notes minor (which really is sucking on a harp at the half notes by pulling your tongue down and stands to damage the reeds after a short time.) So there you have it. Yes. I enjoy the Rubberband Man as much as your husband. {Please do not tell him what I said about your beautiful blue eyes} However, the cost of my psychotherapist sessions outpriced my experimentation with the meagher cost of the large rubber band. Please do not challenge me again. I can no longer afford it and my wife accused me of vile things when I had the rubber band stretched between my knees. Thank you for a great post and sharing your husbands love of The Spinners. Your loyal follower, Wicked and Wierd Waldo


    • OMG I LOVE this! Yes you are bound to lose control when you hear the rubberband man jam 🙂 I am going to have to think of a cheaper challenge next time! Here’s lookin at you 😉


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