His kiss warmed my lips

And his eyes my soul

He gifted me the moon

And asked me to wed

He saved my life

In more ways than one

So I gifted him the sun

Where he led I would go

Each morning awakes

With promises to keep

Each evening comes

With promises kept

And the hours pass by

Filled with passionate flirtations

A comforting commitment

Designing ideas and dreams

And the days pass by

With conversational walks

Talks of the future

Of starting a family

And the weeks pass by

Heartaches survived

Trusts broken and fixed

Fights born then buried

And the years pass by

Like a meandering stroll

Getting beautifully lost

Then reuniting time and again

And our lives pass by

Side by side, hand in hand

Blessed by the magic

Of a love that endured


70 thoughts on “A LOVE ENDURED

    • It’s up, but WP put the time stamp on Friday! Grrrrr! It’s buried under 3 days of posts in the reader. I hate it when that happens. I already took it down, changed the time stamp and reposted, but to no avail. Here’s the link if you want to take a look. Warning-it’s a little longish.



  1. Wow ! I love the poem ! So heartwarming and hope giving πŸ™‚ Just read your about page too. You are lucky to have a husband you get along well with. I hope at some point I can build again a great lasting family too πŸ™‚ Take care. Flower.


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  3. That was not just a very nice romantic poem, Hastywords – that was a blueprint for happiness, joy, love and romance in a whirlwind of happy emotions and wedded bliss. I smiled throughout the whole thing – and thought of someone special on the other end of this ring *holds up left hand*


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  6. Beautiful poem! I love this idea and all the posts it has sparked up! I had just come here to let me know that I took the liberty of writing another one, but you were quicker and found it already. πŸ˜€ Thanks so much for including me, I hope this thing continues!


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  13. Your words flow into a fabulous vision of Love and Romance… I enjoy your writing very much! Thank you for sharing… I look forward to reading more πŸ™‚


  14. Reblogged this on Exit Signs in Virtual Reality and commented:
    Check out her poem. Yeah…… Its impossible to find a flame that remains the same heat and size forever, but there are sometimes ones that shrink and grow get things hot and cold. At times it may even look like it died….. But it’s just burning under the ground and you’ll see it again. That’s the kind of love to find. Oh guess what? This my first reblog.


              • Ha I’ve been down a rabbit hole so many times I’m bored with it. I hint at in one of my poems as a pale hare or something and that it’s just fireworks (delusions in my case not yours can be entertaining and you feel like you are like some celebrity.) YOU’RE a monster? Ha. I ruin everyone I meet. When I feel stepped on I beat them at their own game until it’s overkill and they are destroyed. If someone cusses me out I’ll cuss them out 10 times worse. If a psych doc shows his ego I show him than mine is 5 times that and start quoting studies. I’m maturing though. I guess realizing that there ARE some good people out there has helped me. Apparently it was meds that helped. No it was just other people and me. Being forgiven is waay better than being told “Oh I dream about you stay with me.” Nah. nah not even close. I’m also the opposite and am real nice. Oh and I think I’m “in love” with about 3 women right now. Hard to choose. Now things are getting complicated. ha.


              • Love stinks. Arrid works. Um…. god sorry my short term memory is fucked. forgot i said down so many times and didn’t get the whole rabbit hole connection. oops. blame it on the alcohol. my long term memory is good though. short term memory like i’m high non-stop.

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  15. Beautiful poem, Hasty, on the ups and downs of marriage. I’ve been married a long time and there are periods of disinterest and disharmony and then periods of reconnection, when the spark is reunited.


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