I saw a man today

Laying on a street corner

He was begging for money

Or something

Wearing nice boots

Warm coveralls

Literally leaning back

Relaxing as he panhandled

Wearing cool sunglasses

He sat up to take a drink

Of water I assume

Then laid back down

Took a nice drag on his cigarette

I was baffled watching him

He was fascinating, an enigma

I wondered if it was a joke

Or a sad sign of society

I saw five other beggars that day

And thought to myself

How different my life is

Than the ones they lead

Part of me longs to know

What paths they took

That led to the corner

They call home




Franciscan Ruminations

Hayley McIntosh

Victor John Platon



9 thoughts on “BEGGARS CORNER

  1. I saw that same guy without shoes and dirty as a coal miner- but he wasn’t asking for money, he was just trying to get some sleep.

    I used to have a few homeless friends that simply lived on the street and they claimed that a lot of the people that begged weren’t actually homeless.


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