Written by Moses11 and Hastywords

The phantom highways
Stretch before us
High speed, racing towards
A destination we can't see yet
Our feet are weightless
Each step covers miles
And yet we are going nowhere
Endlessly running
Weariness threatens us
On our endless destination
Urging each other forward
Holding each other up
We are so real, so poignant
But only paint brushed on canvas
Bursting with life and color
An endless moment captured
The earth under our feet
The sky our sunlit canopy
Never a more beautiful picture
Captured, a living symphony
She strokes our surface, lovingly
As she paints our moment, her dream
Her wheelchair creaking softly
As her brush dances
And a tear traces a path
To her smiling lips

 ***Be sure to check Moses11 out…he has some amazing posts!


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