Written by TheNightSyde and Hastywords



She stood on the sandy shore

Watching the tide play rock a bye

Feelings draining, drowning

Being washed out into the sea


The turmoil in her soul

Reflected by stormy waves

She knows the time has come

And by morn she must away

Away to where she belonged

With loved ones she had lost

Lost upon this very sand

Lost in these very waves


Her whole life shattered

In mere seconds to count

Waiting for the right moment

Feels like she’s already fading


Fading with each retreating surf

Cycling endlessly at her feet

Closer she steps to the edge of life

Craving the healing of the waters surge


She feels her hands clenching

As she holds on to thin air

Her breath comes in shallow gasps

She walks into the ocean and stops

She welcomed the rising tide

Felt it cleansing her regrets

Painful memories swallowed

As the ocean and her lungs met


Everything will be alright

She whispers quietly to herself

Finally at peace now inside

She can leave this world behind



14 thoughts on “LOST AT SEA

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