I have an exposed heart

I was born that way

Everyone can see it

Everyone can touch it

It’s on display everyday

When I was young

I cried a lot, alone

My feelings always hurt

One day

I made a mask

Specifically for my heart

It had sequins, glitter

Feathers, and stickers

Rainbows and lots and lots of glue

It fit my heart perfectly

And hid my pain well

Nobody could see my heart

My fears hid inside my silent tears

And when I was alone

I would take off the mask

Bandage myself up

Novocaine the hurts

And move on…

Or so I thought….

As I sat looking at the heart

Exposed without the mask

I realized it was bloody

Bruised, beat to a pulp

By hiding its pain

It never healed

It was crying to be saved

I realized I had ignored it

Hid it from myself

And now it was on its last heartbreak


11 thoughts on “A DRESSED UP HEART

  1. then we quickly called Dr. love and he was good at magical love
    although he was a medicine man , but had herbs from fairy land
    he gave it beat, a melody and then it became steady..now your heart is on recovery
    thump thump thump..anybody at home :))


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