What I love about blogging is you get feedback on the things you write.  I still wonder how my words end up being conveyed to each person that reads my blog.  I wonder what their take is, what their experiences are….can you see me?

You make me wonder

About some things

Like can you picture me

From the things I write

Can you feel my emotions

Living on the page

Can you hear my breath

In between each phrase

Does the beat of my heart

Read like musical words

Can you reach out and kiss

The passion I ink

Can you hold tight

The comfort I convey

Do you feel betrayed

When my words begin to stray

Will you grow weary

Of the moments I share

Will my honesty

Scare you away

I sit here and wonder

How you see my thoughts

Scrawled across this page


10 thoughts on “CAN YOU SEE ME

  1. Inside each soul signature comes a melody of the souls romantic song, yours is quite captivating and it has sorrow incorporated with love singing from a place of passion. Yes I see you having the energy of the angel who can mirror that song to those that are captured in your blog, in your poetry, and inside the story you share in such a way. I hope this finds you smiling, I hope this finds your knowing inspired to continue to place what is in you out here to the world. Stay Gold Pony Girl! 🙂


  2. I’m not that good of a writer I think, so I read a lot of poetry like yours to try to learn how you express emotions thru the words you choose. I have really enjoyed your poetry. thank you.


  3. That’s one of the coolest things about art. What the artist intended and what the viewer perceives are not necessarily the same thing.

    I love reading your stuff, whether I comment or not.


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