Written by Clark Kent and Hastywords

Emotion laced with Vodka

I stand steady upon a wave

Viewing the shore swaying

In and out of a midnight blur


Each place of twilight

Calmness realms bright

Depth below I can see

The eclipse souls bleed


I let out a mournful cry

Longing for the shore

The place I saw you last

The place my heart adored


A passion of me

knowing you to be

flying of the dove

deep inside your love


A love I learned

Could never be

A love I will mourn

Whole heartedly


I stand upon the sea

Above the deepest depths

Peering at love, waving

From a past far behind me


8 thoughts on “MY VODKA SEA

  1. beautifully written, and totally know how it feels, I been in that shoes before. I was completely lost for longest as I can remember. Keep on rocking your blog-

    I wonder how did you add a blog user name as link? I been struggling to add my best friend to lyric we wrote together but cannot find how to add her username as link, like you did with clark kent?


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