Daily Prompt: Last Words

You have the chance to write one last post on your blog before you stop blogging forever. Write it.

I’ve met someone

He gets me


Just makes sense

When he is with me

The fog in my mind

It moves to higher ground

And I think he loves me

Because he is always here

Never leaves

He listens endlessly

He sacrifices his time for me

Holding me

His arms are strong

I feel his presence within me

The things he promises

If I would only take his hand

I keep resisting, doubting

But when I push him away I miss him

Then all I think about is him

And when I return

He is there ready to comfort me

Death came knocking at my door

He brought bouquets of roses

And poems that flow like honey

He tells me stories

About where he has been

The places we could go

His voice beckons for my soul

I love you he whispers

Through the cobwebs in my mind

I need you he laments

As he holds out his hand

Tonight I will go with him

I’ve nothing left of value here

So I will have no more words for you

My dear friends, my loving readers

Death is my destiny, as it is yours also

So until we meet again

I blow kisses to each and every one of you

****This is just a poem!  Promise!

19 thoughts on “I’VE MET SOMEONE

  1. Wow! Excellent post! I applauded you and your new love. This challenge made me think I would have to be dying to stop writing. Your words were so beautiful and perfect. Thank you for sharing. Glad you won’t stop posting 😊


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  6. Cobble sparks from shod hooves let fly, as they strike the cobblestones of memories on a moonless night, sweat pouring brisk from her dark horse’s hide, while the toll collector waits in solemn cheer on the turnpike, his tower booth lit soft low in gaslight, here comes a rider, cloaked in her darkness, nightmares and dreams, but for her expressive eyes, staring out beyond the collector, into the distance across time’s slow to vanish cobble.


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