Written by The Reclining Gentlemen and Hastywords

The voice of internal doubt

Raises, drowning delicate confidence

Reason has no defense against this bully

And quietly surrenders


Eyelids not strong enough

To hide the world for long

And the heart keeps knocking

Trying to break this curse


External reassurances

Are ignored as valueless

Their sincerity questioned,

Invisible through enshrouding blackness


Tears no longer have currency

No emotional salve to resurrect me

Motion seems too hard to grasp

As stillness mouths its loneliness


No energy, no desire to fight

Allowing the cloud to spread

Silver linings remain but grow distant

As hopes of sunshine fade


Peace taunts me, out of grasp

Pulling shades of depression

Over windows made of flesh

Lost in a chamber of echoes

That will forever chide me




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  2. Absolutely amazing, I get really excited when I find more of your old posts to read. Wonderful collaboration, superb technique, every stanza has something to recommend it individually but it’s the last three lines that resonate and are chilling – I’m never going to forget the line “Over windows made of flesh” but in a good way because it feels so strikingly unique, I’ve never heard anything quite like it. I can even feel myself getting lost in the chamber of echoes, simply marvellous.


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