Wednesday, November 21 – 1:08 p.m.- by Yousef Kazemi

I am so very happy to be presenting another one of my very best friends on my blog.  He has a heart of gold and you have heard me refer to him on this blog as Froggie.  My daughter has a soft spot for him and his smile, just as I do.  He wrote this in free thought a few moments ago and I can’t wait to hear what you guys think!

Written by Yousef Kazemi

“How are you doing?”

They all seem to ask.

A pause in their voice.

I hear it. The question. I hear it.

The slightest hesitation in their tone gives a recognized life to an all too familiar subtext.

I see it. I saw him for a moment.


“I’m okay”

I can navigate the stars I see.

It’s the cloud covered gems that surprise me the most.

A shift in the sky.

The moon – once smiling is full.

A box of memories kept.

Pieces of a life sewn together.

The craftsmanship.

Understanding through needle and thread

and paper – LOTS of paper.

A night passes.

Two weeks.

A month.

When was this made?

I’m taken aback.


No more questions from the gallery.

Each picture hangs so well.

Face upon face

More than you asked for – a bargain

Free thought

I’ll save myself next time

And you can be a hero.

She’ll be mine tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a big day…


2 thoughts on “Wednesday, November 21 – 1:08 p.m.- by Yousef Kazemi

  1. When someone ASKED , ” How are you ?” tell him/her a little about your feelings..something like I am happy are you not? I am wild and sometimes hot !
    I am cool and can easily fool , you too 😉


  2. Hangs together very well. Each line makes me pause for thought before I consider the next one, each sentence defining purpose and going off on another lofty tangent, which is fun. I really like the line about pieces of life being sewn together and marvelling at the craftsmanship, the chaotic nature of life and the sequence of events we encounter makes me think that sometimes it is haphazard and needs to be sewn together in a sequence for it to make any kind of sense. However, my favourite bit is the “I’ll save myself next time and you can be a hero.” Amusingly wry and deep.


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