This duet means a lot to me.  I am so glad I met this girl who has a heart big enough to swallow the whole world!  The words led themselves and the feeling ended up meaning more than we both would anticipate!  Thank you for writing with me!  Please visit her blog to see a glimpse of her heart.   Also, See her post on this poem and the words she shares after this duet. They are beautiful!

Written by DayDreamDaisies and Hastywords

The midnight calls

Temperamental notes

Sighing, resigning

As the spectators watch

Raindrops weeping

Raw acid falling

Erasing lives, eroding holes

As the two worlds collide


Night grasps at daylight

Greedily eats at time

Layers upon layers collapse

Spanning the spectrums we hide

This crumbling shadow play

Sweeps over the castles we build

From the ashes of our history

Sends the petals of dead spinning

Lured from their graves

From their departed sorrows

Children giggle, peeking

As ancestors parade on by

Their laugh resonates through the bones

It waters the bomb-sites and

Out of them grow

Shining Snowdrops of tomorrow

13 thoughts on “WHILE GAZA WEEPS

  1. I am glad I met you too, you never fail to inspire me. Thank you! Can’t wait to write more with you. 🙂
    And it moves me how many people have connected with this poem. Kindness is not as alone in this world as it is sometimes perceived to be.


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  3. Such a sad theme but covered in a very sensitive way. I was struck by the line in the middle (This crumbling shadow play/Sweeps over the castles we build), I felt it rock my own foundations but the final stanza really hit home. Haunting but superbly done, encapsulates the mood and perhaps may educate those further who are unaware of the plight of war and Gaza’s children that are caught in the firing line.


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