Daily Prompt: Race the Clock

Here’s the title of your post: “An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse.”Set a timer for ten minutes, and write it. Go!

I had to rush this one at the end lol.


You asked me to marry you

A few times in fact

I said no each time

If I were truthful

It’s because you were shaking

Like you thought you might die

How could I take you seriously

Looking as if the end of the world

Had come falling down around you

You knew I loved you

It is why I kept saying no

Asking for my hand

Was your way of saying

Please don’t leave me

I want you to stay

But subtext emotions

Blazed from your eyes

But for how long, I don’t yet know

I wanted to get married

Earnestly in fact

And after four years

You finally made up your mind

And you purchased a ring

And without proposing

You took my hand

Slipped it on my finger

Smiled and without a word

We both knew

This was an offer

I wouldn’t refuse


21 thoughts on “AN OFFER I COULDN’T REFUSE

      • Did he give you a three dollar mood ring too? That you had to loan him two bucks for? I swear, that was one of the funniest things he’s ever done. You should have seen the girl behind the counter that waited on us. She probably thought we were the biggest dorks in the world. Because we are!


        • I love how romantic that is! My ring is locked up because it is way too big for me. I locked my husbands up too and made him a ring…it was beautiful and fit perfectly but he lost it….broke our hearts. Then I bought him another he lost…so no more…lol. Thinking about tattooing our fingers haha.


          • It gets better-after I’d been wearing that mood ring for so many months that it was just gross, Mr C had to leave home for a funeral. On the way back he did some shopping. He sent me a text that said something like “I got a replacement for that mood ring”. Of course I was all excited! When he got home, he got in his bag, and told me to close my eyes. When he told me to open them, he was down on one knee with a new ring. I gasped like a teenager-only to see that he was slipping ANOTHER mood ring on my finger. This one with my name on it. While my two teenagers who happened to be there thought this was the height of hilarity, I was naturally more than a little disappointed. It was a few more months before I got my much deserved and hard earned princess cut beauty. ;-)


            • Yeah, and you guys think I’M the cheeky one? Not so much. We both started laughing at our wedding, like right in the middle of our vows, and the minister (who knows us pretty well) stopped the ceremony and said “You two really do have fun together, don’t you?” Barf! Romance just ain’t romance without the fun, if you axe me.


  1. We were just talking about rings today… thinking of upgrading our wedding bands… Mrs. Hotspur said the sentimental value of our rings was worth more than new ones. She’s right! And I went on and on about how rings were just a money grab, and a silly tradition, and a waste of money… before surprising my wife to be with a nice princess cut engagement ring. We only knew each other for 3 months before getting married. Why wait, you know?


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