Daily Prompt: Take It From Me

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve given someone that you failed to take yourself?

Advice:  Learn to harvest trust instead of mistrust for those you love.

I think my blog is full of prose talking about this very subject.  Trust is hard for me and I have learned it is hard for most people.  I am not sure there is one person alive who has not been betrayed somehow by someone they trusted.   It can leave deep and binding scars…sometimes in ways that may never be discovered.  But I believe in trust.  I want to trust.  My best advice in making a relationship work is to trust, and then work through times where trust is broken, because I also believe in forgiveness and love.  Ok, so I have broken the trust someone has had in me and if we are all honest we all have.  So what does this mean…

It means we live believing in the best, cautious of the worst, and enjoy those around us that create happiness inside of us.   We live confident in the fact that if it goes bad we are built to handle it and we strive everyday to try to make positive marks in our relationships.  We can’t control the choices other people make and yes… they will make mistakes and we will get to exercise our right to forgive or not.  I am not saying trust everyone that comes your way…not at all.  I am saying if you care about someone it is essential.

It never works out

I mess it all up

Distrust is like a weed

It kills everything

If you want it to work

Take it from me

The best advice

I can possibly give

Is to harvest more trust

For the ones you love

Trust has never been all or nothing

Trust until it’s all been broken



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24 thoughts on “HARVEST TRUST

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  2. Thank you for the ping back. You’re totally right about trust. But I must say that it’s not easy to trust again after it is broken because that person is no longer who you thought they were. At least that’s what I thought. But reading this made me think. What if they are the same…but they just made a mistake just like we humans do? Thank you for giving me this prospect.


  3. I absolutely agree. Sometimes I think we grow the most by learning to renew trust in others despite former shortcomings. Yeah, sometimes people get burned…again. But I have also built so many relationships that have survived as even stronger once we were able to patiently grow together past whatever incident led us astray to begin with. I know it sounds cheesy…but for me, forgiving to allow second chances is what has made me a stronger and more empathetic person today…as teacher, coach, friend, and partner.


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  5. This is so beautifully written and deeply thought. I also feel trust is important – for my relationships with others and for myself. Distrust would prey on my mind amd soul .. and though I’ve also been deceived by someone I loved, and it was quite hard for me to regain faith .. in the end I’ve found that appear to be far more persons and things in the world ..in my world .. that deserve trust, than there are reasons for distrust.


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