Daily Prompt: Audience of One

Picture the one person in the world you really wish were reading your blog. Write her or him a letter.

You talk about me

Judging me constantly

You are

A Christian

A role model

Kind and accepting

To everyone… but me

The hardest part

Is I don’t understand

I’m clueless as they say

I have wanted to talk to you

To maybe work our way through

But was advised against it

By those closest to you

So I sit and wonder

What I could have done

To deserve the hate

The daggers, the contempt

I hear rumors, gossip

You think I am narcissistic

I am conceited, self-absorbed

An attention seeking whore

Well…maybe…I don’t know

I am a bit selfish

Wanting to capture love

From everyone I meet

I tend to enjoy praise

When it comes my way

I want to be important

So you could be right

But I think strangers

People who read this blog

Know far more about me

While you sit knowing nothing

And hating me all the same

I would have taken the time

To understand you

But instead I avoid you

Because I can do no right

You have created walls

I will not try to climb

So this is for you

Thoughts you will never see

But for you just the same

From me to you

My feelings scrawled

Into a universe of time


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25 thoughts on “FOREVER SILENT

  1. Wow, that was so sad… rejection is awful. I’m sorry for your pain, and I’m even sorrier for the person who is causing it, because those who cause so much pain to others are often really tormented themselves. Many blessings to you.


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