Daily Prompt: Hate to Love

 Tell us about a guilty pleasure something that you hate to love.

So I am not sure this is exactly answering the Daily Prompt question but it is on my mind.  I have discovered I chase friendships. I am not sure why and until recently I didn’t realize I did.  Friendships are important to me and I invest a lot. 

A very close friend said this to me, “I think about friendship like this.  I love everyone.  They decide if they get my love not me.  The way they treat others and me dictates what our relationship looks like.  You get what you put into relationships.  My friendships aren’t about social status. They are about sharing life and experiences with, and giving back to them what they have given to me.”

Being my friend isn’t easy.  I sacrifice and occasionally ask for sacrifices in return.  I listen and hope for a listening ear in return.  I cry a lot…I feel a lot…and in return for putting up with those things I am loyal and use all my resources to help in any situation.  I HATE how I LOVE people so easily and how I can’t seem to let them go once I do.  I hate how I love despite the love returned.  This weekend I realized….I have some great friends I don’t have to chase or constantly apologize too.  It is time for me to fall in love with that!!!!


Friendship should be this easy!

I hate how I love people who aren’t good for me

How I get attached to people who make me sad

I don’t understand this attraction

To all the things that make me feel bad

I hate how I love the challenges I face

In chasing friendships that will not last

The flaws I accept and try to resolve

The excuses I make that it’s all for a purpose

I wish I could hate loving chocolate

Or some deliciously sweet treat

I wish I could hate loving something simple

Like frogs, or mice, or eating raw meat

But no I hate that I love without boundaries

Sometimes helping to the point of losing myself

I hate that I love the satisfaction it brings

Until it doesn’t and I am left feeling wasted and useless

It’s time I begin to love the people who love me without reason

It’s time to enjoy the friendships that rejoice in joy

It’s time to invest love and forget hate, to forgive and move on

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  2. Wow! Your poem was amazing and I can 100% relate to how you feel. I am the same way and I always wonder why I constantly get burned, yet continue to give, give, give! Awesome post!


  3. Love your poem. Identify with it lots. I should look deeper within myself. Your poem reminds me that maybe I should take some more time with myself and thinking things through. Very Inspiring!


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