This boy has no clue just how much I love him.  His spirit lifts mine up when I need it the most.  He has been a safe haven to shed my tears with and his calm demeanor always makes me stand back and re-evaluate what upset me in the first place.  Thank you Josh for helping me see reason when reason runs just out of grasp.


Written by Josh Lindsey and HastyWords

Stuck too long
In this fork in the road
Signs misleading
Taking me in circles
I find myself searching
For the road I can’t see
Do I turn left, or right?
The road less traveled?
Or make the easy choice?
I have to think…

Which road got me here?
I need to remember
Which roads I chose before?
I stand…to contemplate
I look ahead and see
One direction the road looks steep
Another the way is rocky
But it’s the destination I’m looking for
A place in the future I seek

I take God by the hand
I know full well I’ll need his help
Over mountains, hills, and valleys deep
I suddenly find myself wrapped
In an odd sense of peace
I feel renewed to decide and move
Although I know hardship is at hand
I may stumble more often than stand
It’s the hand I have taken that assures me
I will not be lead through more than I can handle

I set my sight ahead and view my destination
The overgrown road I was worried to travel
Looks perfectly right, smooth, and paved
Peace and comfort surround my soul
And the road turns golden and beckons me
Suddenly with the first step
The path I was scared to follow
Fills me with joy, hope, happiness
And everything inside me lunges
For this destiny laid out before me


8 thoughts on “DESTINY CHOSEN

  1. L.O.V.E!! This kind of reminds me of the piece I wrote called, The Road to Nowhere. It’s different, but it has common thread ~ Good job, nicely written! You two have a similar sync and it’s hard to tell that this was written by two people! ~ J


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