Another wonderful poet.  Check out his poetry, it always leaves me wanting more!  img_757231-e1358886772950Written by Alexander Hicks and HastyWords

The ground fell away

Leaving my feet planted in sky

I look for familiarity

In all the boundaries I pass by


Clouds drift by like islands

And I cannot but stare

While I walk this vast expanse

This endless sea of air


I close my eyes as the breezy sea

Wraps itself tightly around me

Silken blankets of wispy space

All calling my spirit to let go, be free


Unnatural beauty, a rarity

But it is what I’ve found

So I’ll keep drifting, floating on

Out of sight of ground


Not exactly aimless

But free to just be

A part of something

So much bigger than me


As I walk these skies alone

I know that I’ve found peace

But I have not found harmony

In its purest form at least


The air thins a I continue rising

Higher and higher into the atmosphere

Momentum builds and anticipation soars

As I begin releasing all my fear


Will my conscience guide me?

Or will it lose its way?

Must I go away from here?

Or can I choose to stay?


I close my eyes, worries gone

I drift silent on cottony wisps

No longer tied to worldly thoughts

I make my home in a sky of whispers


Could it possibly be?

Is this what life’s about?

How did I live so long before?

When I have gone without?


Filled with everlasting peace

A joy so immense, so boisterous, so intense

This floating castle in the sky

Is the place I will forever feel the most content


5 thoughts on “ISLAND CLOUDS

  1. Another well written masterpiece! Hasty’s gettin lots out today.. huh! This one I had to read through twice to really get all the emotional detail and lyrical play.. but I really liked it! I like running away to beaches and clouds in my mind.. and I… needed to take a mental-walk today, so thanks to you both! ~Jen 🙂


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