Another new duet partner!  Check out his site!

Written by Jack Pettinato and HastyWords

The confession resonates through
My shattered trust and fills me with defeat
Held prisoner I surrender to the
Breathtaking uncertainty of deceit
An avalanche of bruises buried me
Under angry broken heartache
Slaughtering any faith left with breath
 I gave so much while all you did was take
Darkness descends–exposed, raw, fetal
Huddled against a raging winter chill
The edges of my reality blurred
As my life chokes on your bitter pill
Chords of disdain begin to tighten
Around my barely beating heart
Threatening to take my life
As you tear everything apart
As I gasp to breath in my liquid fate
Drowning on lies that broke the facade
I see you clearly, the devil incarnate
I rise to stand and begin to applaud
The story was written, to entrap and ensnare
I fell perfectly into the character you willed
As I began to see the awakening plot
I decided to rewrite the end before it’s fulfilled
I rise victorious in the story, the heroine
The poor fool who fell for you
Ended up killing the wicked beast
And lived to see, without you, a better view

6 thoughts on “YOUR DARKNESS

  1. This is very good.. It’s a very dark piece. I know that poetry reaches people in different ways. I may get something completely different than another reader, that’s one of the reasons I love it so much! And trying to decipher what the author was feeling, or authors, at the time. This piece makes me feel like the writters both share some deep scars.. I may be wrong.. but my deep scars connect with these words.. I’m feelin in.. ~ Jen


    • I don’t know the other author well, but I think you are right…I felt it too. I love doing duets for this reason. So much feeling and surprise joined in a joint effort. Hotspur was the first person I ever did a duet with. The connection and writing styles made me fall in love with duets!


      • Yea.. I know. I’m hooked. Already jonesin’ for another.. 🙂
        …This is a great example of how different we all are, and how when writing together in this style, the uncertainty of what is to come, is very cool! As a piece developes, it kind of writes itself. This is so different from the piece you did with me.. just goes to show, Poetic Duets are like surprise parties, ya never know what’s gonna happen until it’s in your face! 🙂


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