If anyone could catch a glimpse of someone else’s soul and then write about it, it would be this girl. Not only is she beautiful but she is driven, passionate and smart. See for yourself by visiting Jen LeFever with ThinkSpeakTryst
Written by ThinkSpeakTryst and HastyWords
In the shadows of the city
The shades of black and grey
Played tricks on my eyes
As I followed my broken desire
Down the dirty street
Hope lost in the puddles I pass
Despair a foggy mist heavy in the air
Nothing left of me as I stagger
Into the darkest valleys
Filled with the loneliest souls
Waste and decay decorate this place
Just like the litter that decorates
My heart, Heart so heavy
On a night like this
Walking translucent into the abyss
Whiskey bottles broken and trashed
Yesterday’s headlines forgotten
Like the stories of my past
Shattered, neglected and laid to waste
In ditches overgrown and clogged
What will become of my delicate soul
Of the moments I left behind
I’ve fallen down, once again
The city streets have made an example of me
I am the nightmare in which I fear
The cityscape swallows me whole
My frustrations, my aches, my sorrows
Consumed by faded dotted lines
Marking the black rocky asphalt
The world paved over this heart of mine

9 thoughts on “INTO THE ABYSS

  1. I am loving this that we created! This piece is such a part of my soul.. every word! And you are too of course, dear friend! I had no clue how it would turn out and its one of my favorite pieces ever written.. and its hard to play favorites with the pieces of my heart. Thank you Hastywords for what you said. I’m honored to write with you, as always! Your pic is incredibly gorgeous! Hugs!! ~ Jen


    • Awe that means a lot coming from you.. b/c your pics are too awesome, too perfect, too pretty… no contest!! Photography is another love of mine. I got a great new camera for X-mas, and I love shooting pics. My husband takes the one’s of me, I have lot’s of em, mostly for my facebook. But it’s been fun playing around with them a little and putting them on my blog here n there. You are my inspiration & muse in that dept. I was, still kind of am, timid to put my face up on Tryst.. Thanks for the boost of courage! Big hug! ~ J


      • Would you believe I am timid too…lol. The one’s that look like me still make me cringe but the others…are more artsy so I don’t even think of me when I see them 🙂 Yours are artsy too…love them.


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