I sure do have some sexy friends. Zach is a beautiful violinist as well as a violinist that plays beautifully! He texted me yesterday and quoted the lyrics to a song we both love.  The Story by Brandi Carlile.  I have posted this video before but here it is again because, well, I love it ok?  We decided to do a duet together and wrote the poem below!  Our friendship in a nutshell!

photo (14)

Written by Zach Johnson and HastyWords

I hear singing!

Are we singing this song?

The music is playing

Waiting for our voices

Is this our song?

Should we make this our song?

Yes, this is our song

The one we will sing together

Our melody comes from the heart

Our voices from our soul

Spirits dance around

And grace surrounds us whole

Our souls lift

With each glorious sound

It sends us flying

Higher and higher our spirit soar

Reaching into the highest heavens

Our worries left grounded

Prisoners of gravity

We hold each other tight

Rising free, unchained, unrestrained

Sailing free to the melody

With a peace only music can bring

A tranquil freedom from society

The notes may falter

But the beats are strong

Get lost with me

In this endless song








5 thoughts on “ENDLESS SONG

  1. Lovely song and a really sweet poem.. You have a magician’s gift of transforming simple words into something profound.. Having been read you since quite a while, I must confess I have a special adoration for your poetry.


  2. The bond of friendship is something to be honored and charished. Too often, I think, people use the word ‘friend’ too loosely. To be a friend is a great honor… if you have friends, and are a friends to others, understand the grand meaning in that one little word. To be a friend is a big deal… not just an everyday occurance!

    I love this piece because of what it represents! Another beautifully written masterpiece.. but I expect nothing less from talented you, beautiful lady!! ~ Jen 🙂


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