This beautiful girl, PassionWriting,  is so full of life and optimism I was surprised to see how well she pulled this one off.  She sent me the first verse and I loved how she finished it!


Written by PassionWriting and HastyWords

The clouds of uncertainty

Cover me along

I look for one last ray of hope

That will prevent me from splitting apart


My heart stopped long ago

Leaving me cold, empty, sad

There feels like there is nothing left

And all the thoughts I have left are bad


I stare ahead at the empty road

I walk listlessly along

Chewing on the mistakes of my past

And wondering if i can be whole again


The memory’s haunt me relentlessly

I wonder how much of what I remember

Was any kind of real at all

What part of reality did I imagine


In a dilemma that is my own life

Torn amidst dreams and reality

I know not how long I can go

I slowly turn to rest my eyes in peace


I close my eyes and look for comfort

In the only place that calls to me

I find the dark accepts me unconditionally

And holds me in its black embrace


Finally, I am where I belong

Eternity calls out to me

The haunted memories of the broken past

Forgotten as I slowly kiss death



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