Written by the Husband and HastyWords

Shared emotions recreated

Retelling of an old story

Pages waiting to be rewritten

Retold in a whole new way

Past in the present

The future is new

Paragraphs edited

The good things hold true

Music played then

Important once again

You are the music in me

The muse carrying me

Sights seen then

Visions change and fade

You are my looking glass

My eyes leading me on

All the reasons I had before

To doubt your love, your intentions

Have been washed away

A new start for whatever time given

If you need more romance go to Hotspur’s page


6 thoughts on “A NEW START

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  2. Awe! I love love .. I love when you see love like this.. I tried to write a piece with Jake, per Hotspurs influence and recomendation, and it was sweet, but I did most of the work! I think you and your hubby are lucky to have love like this! XO~J


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