Families of butterflies

Fly above me

Observing them

I rest in the meadow

Lazily, peacefully

Captivated as they

Circle aimlessly

In a breezy dance

Floating carefree

However they please

Beautiful colors

Of blue and gold

Pink and orange

Shades of pastel

Carrying me

 To faraway places

To lands

I will never see

They hypnotize me

With the beauty

Of fragile strength

Until reality

Gives way

And all I see

Is make believe


9 thoughts on “BUTTERFLIES

  1. Reality always strikes when it seems as if you are finally going to get that peace, losing yourself in the dream… How much I dread this reality.. how much I loath the dream that is not real..


  2. Enjoyed the poem. I’ve written about butterfly’s myself. So beautiful and so easily broken. Dd you know that Monarch Butterfly’s migrate thousands of miles. Such beautiful creatures. I could never be one because I always seem to need WD40 and its much to heavy to carry for a butterfly.

    PS. You are work is always beautiful, but this time I don’t know if I like the you without a voice. 🙂


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