I love you but you don’t hear it
Your heart cries louder
Burying voices in rhythmic beats
I love you but you don’t see it
Your eyes blinded with cottony gloom
Like dark clouds blocking silver rays
I love you but you don’t feel it
Your skin soaked in flowing tears
Turned to concrete long ago
I love you but you don’t believe it
You spin webs of loneliness
On broken memories in your head
I love you but it doesn’t matter
Until all those places are filled
Not with self- loathing but
With self-love instead






18 thoughts on “BUT YOU DON’T

    • I think everyone does at different points in their lives. It’s our experiences that lead us here and we react differently to similar experiences.
      It’s difficult sometimes to love yourself when outside influences and people make you believe otherwise.
      For instance in my life I have guys i like constantly telling me you deserve better and are really nice. Yet they leave. which makes me question everything. if i do deserve to be loved then why wont they love me. it’s all contradictory.
      makes you trust people less and questions beliefs you have had about yourself.

      does that make any sense? 🙂


      • I’ve sensed and liked they way you both ‘walk in shoes’. Self-love is like self-defence in fact. It arises, as I can judge, owing and due to these mishaps that you mention. There are cases when It can turn even into an absolute self-love with sad consequences. But it depends how one ‘digests’ previous experiences. I apologize if I intruded with my outside influence.


  1. ahh…how can you not love yourself when you have a hundred different reasons to love…You are one of the most beautiful soul….it is hard not to love you 🙂 sending love ur way 🙂


    • Awww 😦 Those memories hurt the most sometimes. For me it is my former best friend. It’s hard because it just ended without him saying anything but goodbye. I think the ending was based on a whole lot of assumptions that were not true. Anyway, I may have to blog about that someday lol


      • My former love and I still speak. Regularly. And there is the part of me that still thinks that when the situation of his life changes – I will be able to say those things to him and everything will fall into place. I have written very vague references to it on my blog. Vague because I know he reads it…


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