WRITTEN BY Alex Hicks and HastyWords
Words ignite like dangerous fireworks
A spreading detonation of sparks
A dramatic uncontrolled display
Threatening mischief before leaping into the sky
Each letter bringing forth colors
Like a painting on a canvas
Swirls of reds, yellows, greens and blues
Painted by a delicate hand
Beautiful from a distance
But filled with dangerous emotion
Reactions catapult through each set of words
Triggers set like trip wires waiting to explode
The tip of my pen will fly
Like a bullet on the page
Writing my emotions and my thoughts
A massacre of words
A deadly tool if used with malice
Daggers would prove less painful
Inciting hatred, anger, and violence
These words are best saved than laid
The one thing that remains in this world
That remains mightier than the sword
Stronger than a bullet, missiles can’t compare
The words that are spoken, or scattered on the page.

14 thoughts on “DEADLY TONGUE

  1. I don’t know anymore. I believe once words had great power. Look at our world today. Many people crying out for peace. Can’t be heard by the men of war. All writer’s struggle with this problem. Mark Twain last book was anti-war. He told his publisher. Don’t publish till my death. I enjoy your thoughts in the powerful poem.


    • I have said that countless times about how words of hate are more powerful than words of love. It is the words of hate – those negative words that stay with you. That create self-doubt that will last a lifetime. Words of doubt are soul crushing. Even if in our hearts we know differently. Yet, it is the words of love which we are less likely to believe. THOSE are the one we doubt or question the motive. It is funny how the silly human mind works.


  2. A deadly tool if used with malice
    Daggers would prove less painful
    Inciting hatred, anger, and violence
    These words are best saved than laid”

    I want to see this stanza as a prompt for something stronger. It is, after all, the stanza that stands out to me. I’m not everyone, but I’m curious how far you will push it.


  3. Words can pierce us, leaving painful scars forever. Words can leave permanent marks on us… I think it’s so important to always be careful when in the heat of an argument, words you can throw and later regret, and words can be thrown and hurt so bad…


    • Yes. Exactly. We as humans can be known to say some stupid things just because we find ourselves mad… then the feeling of regret… or to be the one who was harshly spoken to… never forgets. I’ve been both, and I’m not proud of it. 😦


      • Yep, I made the mistake of talking to someone while I was extremely upset. I let loose about a 3rd party…something I NEVER do but did. I regret it only because it should have been said to the party themselves but they ended up hearing about it second hand. So context and perspective was lost and I lost a friend. Two actually…I will never be able to trust the person I vented too again.


        • Oh that is just shitty!! Makes me mad that who ever these bone-heads are, who are using your words against you, out of context, to be childish and rediculous, they obviously don’t know you that well, OR don’t deserve to have you in their lives. So there!! Tell them to give me a call.. I’ll tell them what’s up 🙂


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