My heart isn’t a playground
A place to visit and play until
You leave with someone else
Someone maybe prettier, younger
Maybe she wears a knee length dress
And sits on the bench like a proper girl
Maybe she is more conservative in nature
And maybe her hands are soft
And her nails are painted pretty with glitter
Her hair might be longer and silkier
And probably a different color than mine
She probably has a softer laugh
And a sweet shy smile with flirty eyes
But she probably wouldn’t play in the mud
Or run out in the rain like me
She probably wouldn’t chase you
For fear of scraping her perfect knees
She probably wouldn’t kiss you in public
Or laugh out loud in a fit of laughter
She probably wouldn’t surprise you
With see through lace bought just for you
All I can offer is a piece of my heart
It isn’t a merry-go-round or a swing
It isn’t a stop and go ride of any kind
It’s a home, a place of warmth
A place I open up to you
A place of reprieve from your own sorrow
A place I built for us to live and prosper
A place I hope you will get warm and comfy
A place I give completely to you


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