The canopy hides me


From the burning rays


The wind finds me


As it comes to play




The breeze drifts through my hair


Sunlight sparkles on the waves


Seawater scents the hazy air


As lost-summer memories flow




A happy smile creases my face


As thoughts of you frolic and play


Across landscapes in my mind


Chasing daydreams on this lazy day




I remember when you held my hand


As we tumbled through the waves


Or ran across the sun-baked sand


Seeking starfish among rock pools




I stood by your side


Watching each new day’s sun


Dissolve beautifully content


Into each setting horizon




You were always there for me


With your smiling optimism


As no one else would ever be


So cherished in my heart




As the sands of time


Shift inexorably on…


Your hand held mine


As we drifted away…


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