Some days are darker than others.  Don’t read this if you’re looking for the sun!


My words, my face, my eyes
Disguise my damned afflictions
Inside myself a war was waged
My soul, my integrity, my pride
They were all at stake
Respect was crumbling
And my voice was taken away
What if the price we pay
Is a thousand pounds of sanity?
What if creative expression
Is really a cursed form of absurdity?
What if once the dry coat is laid
The road back is washed away?
What if this room I rot away in
Is the same room I am going to die in?
Day in day out I lie confined
Restrained as a detriment to self
But I smile a happy smile
My eyes a reflection of the sun
In hopes that someday
These ties that bind will be undone
So I can get on with dying










18 thoughts on “A DETRIMENT

  1. Yes. I know this feeling well my friend… I have been getting myself back, though, from the utter pitts of the darkest dispair… So, please, dear friend and mate of my soul… allow me to be there for you, if you ever need a thing… anything! XO


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