My first duet with Shackled and Crowned.  If you haven’t seen her blog I urge you to visit.  I enjoyed writing this piece. 

“It doesn’t matter if you and everyone else in the room are thinking it. You don’t say the words. Words are weapons. They blast big bloody holes in the world. And words are bricks. Say something out loud and it starts turning solid. Say it loud enough and it becomes a wall you can’t get through.” ~ Richard Kadrey

Written by Shackled and Crowned and HastyWords
Words strike with anger and malice
Razor blades would be more kind
Rousing animosity, rage, and ferocity
No amount of love we will ever find
Pencil points pushing toward the blood lines
We don’t fear the inevitable bleed-out
I swell toward thoughts of unveiling a truth
So rarely, spoke, my sweet poetess
Working towards a mercy that goes too far
With each lettered loop and each broken point
I ruthlessly scrawl this heated passion
On a page disguised as smudged black tears
The slice that is heard through such fear…
Through such tears…
Creates a haven in my black soul,
Gashes prove painful while stings bring release
Fear and happiness mix in turn
A Frankenstein of feelings endlessly churn
Your words split my skin
And with new words stitch me up again
…but words can’t heal me now,
And you don’t care if I breathe or cease
So what’s the use
Trying to grab at anything in this darkness?
Hot daggers pierce me through
Bloodless I lay been bled dry
All these years I ignored
The crimson writing on the wall
So, you did what you were here, to do
Curse my path forevermore?
Strike my heart, and close this door
To you and I and words…galore

18 thoughts on “WORDS

    • Words are bricks. This is exactly why “Shackeled” landed in court in real life. My husband has a restraining order against her. SHe wrote about killing him on here. I hope this is a sign she has learned, but she still writes about reuniting with him. I wonder how her wonderful boyfriend feels about that. It is weird to watch people “applaud” her delusions and lies. If they only knew the “real” her. You can pretend to be anyone you want on here.


      • Now I see why you wondered if there was a great story behind this. Words are bricks??? People applaud experience and I am sure it is weird because you see words from a different perspective than someone who has no connection to the words would have.

        When I read something it conjures up my own experiences and that is what this poem did for you. I am sorry you have such a close connection to it. I do not know “shackled”s life or yours but I do hope for only good things for all parties involved.

        Relationships, when they go bad, cause so much anger and pain and sorrow and loneliness. I don’t want to know what the story is but I can tell you that for me….writing is the only way I can cope with the thoughts that run through my head. Be careful reading too much into things written. I have made my fair share of mistakes doing that.

        Best Regards 🙂


        • I posted “diagnosis” and she posted “it’s not ADD honey, you are just stupid.” That is crossing the line, immature and she should be ashamed of herself.


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