Sometimes the sunshine is hard to find metaphorically.  This girl is the sun in my life and I am so glad we found each other.  I love you Miss Jen!

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Written by Think.Speak.Tryst and HastyWords

Sand feels like velvet
Smooth & white underneath me
Imprinting my body’s curves
On the canvas of the Earth
The beach absorbing me
Taking me as I am
Pulling me into its gravity
As I inhale the sky above me
I brought my soul here
To sit in the salty air
Only for a day, to
Be free of my life entirely
My bare figure basking in rays
As seabirds cry me a song
The crashing waves a symphony
As my worries get washed away
Imagining my life was never mine at all
I absorb the earth’s elements
Becoming one with my surroundings
The sea has been calling to me
I lay here for days, nobody sees me
Praying mother earth will dissolve me
I implore the heavens above
To demand the surf to take me
Take me and wash away my mind
Worries and pain are gone with the sea
Becoming one with the land, the beach & the sand
I find solitude in my wishes today

11 thoughts on “FINDING SOLITUDE

  1. I love you Miss Hasty!! You just hangin there… one day I’ll come grab you up and we will take a nice trip, to somewhere, most beautiful!! ((Or you can just come see me in South FL!!)) Right? More love & hugs!! I really love this piece… ~ Miss Jen


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