Written by A Shade of Pen and HastyWords

The falling drops from the sky

Makes me think of the times

That we spent oblivious of the world

Because we lived the life we loved


The beauty that shines in the distance

The faraway warmth you provide

Gives me comfort when you are away

And the only thing I have are memories


Time has made us apart

We live a million miles away

And yet all it takes to come close

Is the single throbbing of your heart


When I hear the crickets sing

I think of our midnight flings

And when I hear laughter

I think of all our silly things


Never a single moment passes

When I do not think of us

It is the tug of love that makes me wait

For the moment when I will embrace you again


Too young to stay where we once were

We forged one big heart from our smaller two

And no amount of distance brought

Will unwind this special love for you


There will be a day when we can choose

Old enough to be the people we dream to be

Side by side as time sweeps us away

Together again until wrinkles mark our smiles

***Shruti…thank you for being such a beautiful giving friend!!!




8 thoughts on “OUR ONE HEART

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