Written by ShanesBlog and HastyWords

I awoke to find myself wrapped in sheets

Surrounded by golden sunlit colors

Foggy memories tried to surface

And I fought the urge to wake you

As my thoughts tiptoe around in silence

Seeing you laying perfectly still

As if the world was frozen in place

Awakened in me a feeling so concrete

I had to ask myself if this was all a dream

As my thoughts float into morning light

The previous night still echoes

And instead of racing for the door

I lay comfortably, quietly next to you

Enjoying the warmth of silence

As my thoughts come crashing back

Secretly hoping, bashfully wishing

Intimacy secludes us forever more

Tied together chained and bound

If only for this jaded moment

As my thoughts gain a grounded wisdom

I look at your face, and listen content

To the easy paced breath that escapes you

I think to myself, how lucky am I

To be graced with a spouse like you

As my thoughts begin to run wild

Endorphins react, seemingly hesitant

Effortlessly & gently subdued

Lapses in time, my night with you

Desired effect was achieved

As my thoughts settle down

I wrap my arms tenderly around you

An old spark was reignited

Old smiles paid us a glorious visit

After many years we begin anew

As my thoughts rest eagerly on you


7 thoughts on “FRACTURED MORNING

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