NaPoWriMo Daily Prompt-Day 6- Write a Valediction



I let sadness stay too long

Letting words just sit on my tongue

Too many things going unsaid

How am I supposed to say goodbye?


I let the tears fall in song

To memories long ago sung

Now even intentions are misread

And feelings too hard to deny


I let my heart beat extra strong

Giving me strength to refill my lungs

To find the courage to move ahead

Before I am too old, while I can still fly


I let my wandering mind tag along

As I remember when we were young

The days long before you willingly fled

Beauty I lost in the blink of an eye


So whether it’s right or whether it’s wrong

It’s a world of strangers I find myself among

My future happiness dangling on the tiniest thread

It was, has been, is time to say goodbye!


21 thoughts on “GOODBYE FRIEND

  1. Crazy how we seem to grow up, but our “friends” do not. We grow apart.
    One day you see them and you’re like “wth? Who is this dumb bitch.”
    Sorry for the mini-rant. I have someone like that in my life right now.


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  3. Sadly brilliant. Brilliantly sad. And I hope you ain’t going anywhere. I want to do a collaboration with you some time this week – if that’s okay with you. Can’t today though


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