“Excuse me?” she questioned. 

He had been talking for the last 5 minutes but she didn’t hear anything he said.  It’s been like that for her lately.  Phone calls missed and not returned.  Texts she means to answer but forgets.  Plans she lets fall through.  Emails piling up. Parties unattended. Dinners rescheduled.  He had just been telling her how happy he was while she was off in some nightmare version of La La Land. 

“Oh yes….absolutely I am so very happy for you!” She smiled her best smile and gave him the biggest hug, partly as an apology for her scattered nature at the moment. 

“Are you ok?” he asked sensing something wasn’t right with her. 

She answered dismissively, “Yes…just busy..tired…yada yada”. 

He smiled at her, “I love you!” 

“I love you too”  she answered. 

They made plans to see each other again soon.



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