Your sweet warm words

Spill into my achy soul

Your kiss a soothing balm

Cool upon parched lips

Hungry desire felt in our

Wandering fingertips

Our Nomadic hands

A passionate stampede

Covetous and prowling

Feeding starving appetites

Lost in lustful anticipations

The stars our only witness

My muscles tighten

As heat penetrates

The craving to be

A part of you


14 thoughts on “CRAVING

  1. Hah, you’re a lucky girl. I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, too. Ignore mine. I won it and had to pick 15. I chose you earlier today so I’ll go through with it since I enjoy your blog so much. You have to do a post to adhere to the rules of the award, so here’s a link to my post. Not that it matters now, but here it is:


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