I wrote this poem after watching the video Wide Awake with Katy Perry.  I have heard the song many times and I connected with it but the video…well just watch it.  The scene where she wheels the older version of herself into her own asylum and it is up to her to get them out….wow.  I have lived this moment…  I want to meet the person who wrote and produced that scene.


Fell from grace

In my own eyes

Before my life began

Chances to feel

Chances to change

Too busy dreaming

To understand

Too many things

I understand now


Silver lines erased

Random mistakes

Drew shadows

Over opportunity

Holding me tied

To a past I painted

Bruise colored

Pastel outlines

Stubbornly portrayed


Chained to myself

Running from sunlight

Creating nightmares

That bleed into reality

Sacrificed to obsession

I cry for release from

The chemical prison

Restraining me inside

A starless midnight


Then I hear her voice

The girl I used to be

Before I lost clarity

Don’t let the salt

Of our tears blind you

She opened my eyes

Sat me in front of our life

A messy canvas sat before me


I dropped the brush

I held in my grasp

And dipped my hands

Deep into the shades

Hidden deep down

Underneath the scars

Grabbed a rainbow

And decorated the sky

My future, yet to be lived


11 thoughts on “A CHANCE TO CHANGE

  1. I liked the poem especially since it sounds like you are sad, you have lost your way, “and then I hear her voice, the girl I used to be before I lost my clarity.” Such wonderful imagery!


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