Do you ever sit down and consider how amazing words really are?  Our ability to communicate, how we feel or think, and the words we choose are so powerful.  We can tear someone down in a matter of seconds or build someone up with one word.  We get to choose every word we write, every word we say…and that makes us all so very important.  Value your words and your ability to use them.

IMG_8171 copy


Your words

Rub thoughts

Creating friction

Electrical charges

Your words

Give off electrons

Just waiting

To capture ideas

Your words

Negatively charged

Can destroy worlds

Wreck imaginations

Your words

Fully charged

Never neutral

Animates or electrocutes

Your words

An electrical storm

Emotional synapses

Responses chemical

Your words

More than written

More than characters

More than sounds

Your words

Create a world

Of reaction

Of outcomes

Your words

Make you a villain

Or a superhero

The creator of you


20 thoughts on “CREATING YOU

  1. on most occasions words are merely words that echo empty and hollow…they mean very little without sincerity and the action to back them up…they are often spoken and written harshly and rashly and without real thought put into them. The effect that words have upon us is only what we allow them to have over us…our words on most occasions are very self serving and only rarely do they contain any real meaning, or value despite how clever we think we may be…it is vanity that makes us believe otherwise…


    • A word spoken as merely just a word spoken can be taken as a word with powerful meaning….or something with much emotion can be accepted by someone as having no impact at all.

      Speak as though every word is a treasure because you never know where that word will land or the impact it will have. Too many people throw words around carelessly I think. Many times we don’t get the opportunity to act or use action especially in this world of social media….in this world words mean something whether their was thought behind them or not.

      You are so very right…many times words are empty…and hollow…I have much experience with those!


  2. Words are elegant and illustrious as the they should be, but not many of my friends care for them as I do. I am happy to know that someone cares for vocabulary as much as I do. Thanks again!


  3. I have thought these thoughts!! So many times!! I love words.. I have favorite words.. I have words that were spoken in which I’ll remember forever… words I wish to forget… words that hurt and words that are so beautiful… words there are no words for… I’m a total word nerd, as I have called myself before!! I think you may be a word nerd too!! 🙂



  4. I absolutely love this because yesterday I had the idea to compare poetry to atoms with electrons, protons, and neutrons all being parts of the writing process 😛 Clearly we’re on the same wavelength lol. Lovely poem 🙂


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